Legal Entity Management across the organisation

LafargeHolcim chose Symfact LEM


LafargeHolcim is the global leader in sustainable and innovative building materials and solutions.


With leading market positions across all regions of the world and a balanced portfolio between developing and mature markets, LafargeHolcim offers a broad range of high-quality building materials and civil engineering solutions. LafargeHolcim experts solve the challenges that customers face around the world, whether they are building individual homes or major infrastructure projects. Demand for their materials and solutions is driven by global population growth, urbanization, improving living standards and sustainable construction.

Business Objectives

  • Management of the LafargeHolcim legal structure (group companies, subsidiaries, JVs, holdings, etc.). To be updated and efficiently maintained through a process involving legal and finance departments across LafargeHolcim Ltd, Head office and all operating countries
  • A single tool to store actual and historical data by Legal Entity with appropriate access rights respecting defined confidentiality levels
  • Information by legal entity to be updated by the first person knowing a change in master data or receiving storable data in scope of any project
  • Roles, responsibilities and processes to maintain and document master data to be developed in line with access rights and confidentiality levels


Symfact’s Mission

  1. Manage the critical content and structure of master data per Legal Entity
  2. Update this critical content for all Legal Entities in scope
  3. Define roles, responsibilities and processes to properly manage and efficiently maintain Legal Entity master data
  4. Define access rights and confidentiality levels


Solution Highlights

  • The tool is very user friendly
  • Web based solution, secure and yet also globally accessible
  • Powerful access controls
  • Transparent and clear overview of LafargeHolcim legal structures and ownership
  • “Best in class” support from Symfact during implementation and post implementation
  • Excellent reporting (readily defined reports to address all stakeholder requirements)


The Project Critical Success Factors Were ...

  • Compliant project management, strictly follow LafargeHolcim Project Management Approach (PMA)
  • No external consultant
  • Clear definition of minimum master data aligned to all operating functions
  • Clear communication with all stakeholders