How to Create & Manage HR Contracts using Contract Automation

Manage HR Contracts

Contract management is a key element that every business is familiar with. Contracts and successful contract management for extended enterprise are widely recognised and discussed among industries for being vital in terms of business growth, but what about HR contracts?

HR contracts tend to be overlooked when considering automated contract management and yet for rapidly expanding businesses, an automated solution could streamline the contract process, save time, and improve productivity for the HR department.

Contract automation can help your business have a better hiring outcome and the successful creation and management of automated contract workflows allows for scalability and business growth without putting your HR department under a heavy workload.

In this blog we discuss how best to use automation to create and manage your HR contracts.

How to create & manage HR contracts

If you already have automated contract management software in place, then you can use the features within the software to help create and manage your HR contracts. Although contract management is generally the term used to describe the process after approval and signing, good, automated contract platforms should have tools and attributes that help your business manage the entire contract lifecycle. If your automated system does not currently allow you to create contracts, then the advice would be to find a better contract management software provider!

To create and manage employment contracts with automated contract management software requires an automated workflow. HR can improve their administrative control with a complete overview, whilst the interactive dashboards available from software providers such as Symfact, can create effective communication, collaboration, and a good working relationship from the start with the new employees.

What should your automated workflow include?

Contract creation in automated software enables you to create standard employment contract templates that have editable key fields for detail changes and can be configured to any specific requirements or terms by either the employer or employee.

Having pre-approved contract templates with terms that can be regularly updated, improves productivity during employment contract creation and helps ensure compliance with employment regulations.

Allow automated access to the users in the HR department most likely to be dealing with employment contracts.

The approvals process is often an obstacle in how quick a HR contract can move through the admin phase. However, the one of the benefits of an automated system is the integration of e-signature software. E-signature software is a digital solution designed to accelerate long approval processes, with full tracking and audit trails for any edits to employment terms and employer/employee signatures.

E-signatures have made the process far more convenient, as now signing documents can be done online. However, you should check that your automated software has security and encryption. If your business already has an e-signature solution and you are looking at automated software, it is worth finding a provider that can integrate with your current system. For example, Symfact integrates to multiple e-signature solutions and includes support for UETA, ESIGN and the European Community framework for secure identification, eIDAS.

By having the benefit of quick, online, authentication of signees, you can increase the time and efficiency spent on each HR contract whilst still having an important level of security and protection in place.

Once an employment contract has been signed, the HR team can store it online in a central document repository. This feature is a key feature of most automated contract management solutions and important for managing a large number of contracts. By collating all the individual documents and contract information, your HR team will have tighter data access control balanced with the easy management and administration of documents.

HR and in-house contracts should still be managed and monitored as with any other contracts. You should look for an automated solution that provides a notification feature. Automated tracking and notifications allow for any key dates in the contract such as the end of notice and probation periods, as well of any renewal terms, making management of employment contracts a simple and easy task for the HR team.


What are the benefits to an automated contract solution?

There are many benefits to using an automated solution to create and manage your HR contracts:

  • Simplify your contract processes with an all-in-one system
  • Streamline your processes from start to finish and successfully manage your workflows to improve productivity and efficiency
  • Improve administrative control with a complete overview of your contract workflow
  • Interactive dashboards create effective communication and collaboration with everyone involved
  • Automated creation and management allows for scalability and quick business growth
  • Control your contracts from anywhere with an internet connection, including mobile devicesif your automated solution is browser-based
  • Accelerate contract approval and improve productivity with configurable templates
  • Reduce the risk of losing crucial documentation and information that could potentially cause harm to your business reputation and revenue
  • Stay compliant with Data and Privacy regulations
  • Reduce the time spent on unnecessary administration
  • Accelerate the time from interview to hire


As well as for in-house contracts and HR purposes, automated contract management software can help businesses digitize, create, and manage all their contracts at every stage in a contract lifecycle process. Due to the modern advancement of current technology, there really is no reason not to implement contract management software to improve the efficiency of your business and stay at the top of your industry, and if your business experiences quick growth, you will already have the contract creation and management system in place to deal with any employment expansion, allowing in-house operations to run smoothly.

If you feel contract automation may be of benefit to your business, then please contact us here at Symfact. We can provide your business with successful contract management that can help maximise your business potential.