About Us

About Us

Symfact is an international company with an industry leading software platform for enterprise management solutions. We specialise in Contract ManagementLegal Entity Management and Third Party Risk Management. Our software helps you deal with compliance, reduce risk and increase efficiency and productivity.

Symfact Expertise

Symfact is a leading provider of GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) solutions, enabling customers around the world to effectively manage risks, integrity, quality, obligations, questionnaires and related documents , all on a single technology platform.

As enterprises grow and change, the Symfact platform easily scales from departmental to enterprise implementations. In addition, Symfact solutions are readily configured to the enterprise’s business processes and integrated with required IT infrastructure.

Unlike the previous generation of hardcoded, rigidly-defined solutions, the Symfact Software Platform is built to support and leverage the latest international document and open technology standards. Best practice reflects the growing consensus that document-centric management domains are best supported through XML-based capabilities.

Symfact, who has led the industry with this approach since 2002 offers its platform as either a hosted (SaaS/Private Cloud) or on-site licensed solution, per customer preference.

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