Ease of Use in a CLM System Drives Adoption

As with most business applications it is generally accepted that the degree in which the system is adopted in an organization is directly related to how easy and intuitive it is to use. Certainly, there are exceptions to this: complex line of business systems which...

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Factors in managing outsourcing contracts

There is an accelerating trend for organizations to contract with external providers to run important functions of their business operations. For example, Apple has always outsourced manufacturing and many companies outsource IT operations to the likes of Capgemini...

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Legal Entity Management for distributed organizations

For many years global and domestic organizations with complex corporate structures have had tools for managing the typical aspect of their legal entities. These include Board minutes, Ownership and stock issues, Corporate Officers and Directors, Bank relationships and...

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Seven Steps for an Effective Risk Management System

Third-Party Risk Management can mean many things to different organizations. To Symfact it is the process of evaluating new business partners and monitoring existing partners to ascertain what level of risk they may bring to a business relationship. The need for an...

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What Is Contract Lifecycle Management

  Any business, corporation or organization that works with contracts regularly should be familiar with the term contract lifecycle management. If your business is responsible for leveraging legal agreements, CLM will be a vital part of the process. Through CLM,...

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