Intellectual Property Management

Why is Intellectual Property Management Important?

The topic of intellectual property has never been so pronounced as it is at the moment. This is thanks to more and more mergers, acquisitions, and public ...
Contract Risk Management

What You Need to Know About Contract Risk: Part 2

As well as direct risk occurring within contracts, indirect risk can also occur. This can be somewhat mitigated by implementing the right kind of contract management ecosystem. ...
Contract Risk Management

What You Need to Know About Contract Risk: Part 1

Contract risk is something that can happen at any point, potentially resulting in outcomes that are unfavorable. Risk assessment in terms of likelihood, impact level and the ...
Contract Management Solutions & Problems

Common Problems and Solutions for Contract Management

Properly managing a contract takes much work. Regardless of whether this is a small business dealing with a couple of vendors on an ongoing basis. Or a ...
carbon neutrality

How Contract Management Software Brings You Closer to Carbon Neutrality

Climate change is one of the most pressing global issues humanity faces, and its urgency is reflected in the way it is now prioritized in international political ...
Cyber security

Why Contract Management is the Key to Cyber Security

For the average person, the mention of cyber-threats or cyber security might conjure images of glossy Hollywood thrillers, featuring espionage and the fragile nature of global political ...
Productivity and Efficiency

Productivity and Efficiency: Achieving Both With Contract Management Software

Productivity is the thing for which we strive in business, and with good reason. It is the measure by which we assess the performance of our commercial ...
Centralisation in Contract Management

The Benefits of Centralization in Contract Management

Nothing increases costs for a business like projects, administration, and processes spiraling out of control. It is something that can happen very easily, though. As businesses focus ...
Advantages of Contract Management

The Advantages of the Cloud-Based Approach to Contract Management

While it still sounds very much like a buzzword, ‘the cloud’ has become a vital part of business operations around the world over the past decade. People ...

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