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Symfact Contract Lifecycle Management Software

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We provide a powerful, browser-based contract management solution to successfully manage and monitor end-to-end contract lifecycles. Every single process, from risk assessments and contract creation to contract renewals and offboarding, is streamlined to support productivity, improve performance, and increase business revenue.

  • Simplify your contract processes with our automated, all-in-one system.
  • Streamline your processes from start to finish and successfully manage your workflows to improve productivity and efficiency throughout all the stages of a contract lifecycle
  • Our end-to-end system allows for better mitigation of risk and improves collaboration and communication
  • Procurement and sales teams have everything they need, from authoring to approval and onwards through execution compliance.

Streamline all your contract process with our contract management software. Whether it is managing documentation, contracts, legal agreements with vendors or leases and licensing arrangements, Symfact does it all with its CLM software. Streamline your administrative tasks and approval processes whilst simultaneously lowering your overheads. Optimise your business processes to improve productivity, efficiency, ROI and maximise your business revenue. Make the contract management process easier with document creation, agreement, and approval, electronic signature, and commitments management. Using any web browser, you can keep on top of all your contract management projects and processes in just one single system.

Secure Your Contracts

Our software includes a central contract repository. This feature allows for secure storage of all your contracts and streamlines the documentation process. By collating all the individual documents and contract information, you have tighter data access control balanced with easy management of documents, contracts, legal agreements, or business arrangements.

  • Reduce the risk of losing crucial documentation and data that could potentially cause harm to your business reputation and revenue.
  • Any and all metadata tracking ensures information can be identified quickly and easily with advanced search and tagging features
  • Our centralised storage offers collaborative version control, allowing for straightforward collaboration between different parties
  • Improve your eco-credentials by becoming paperless and reducing waste
  • Stay compliant with Data and Privacy regulations

A single, secure location for all documentation, agreements, contracts, and associated data is a key element in our CLM software. Contract version control is essential for businesses and by using metadata to search contracts for key words and clauses, information can be identified quickly and easily, optimizing your time and resources available. 

Having full control over what documentation and data is stored is beneficial in keeping compliant with regulations and so a central repository is a key element in not just successful contract management, but for your entire business.

Symfact Contract Management Software

Contract Creation & Templates

Contract management software enables you to create standard contract templates that can be configured to specific requirements. Having pre-approved contract templates that can be configurable to specific clauses and can be regularly updated, improves productivity during contract creation and helps ensure compliance with any legal or regulatory rules.

  • Accelerate the initial stages of contract management and improve productivity with configurable templates
  • Our software is fully compatible with Microsoft Word, ensuring easier implementation for employees
  • Control and audit any changes made to contracts with our permission-based access control feature
  • Our Drag and drop interface allows for documents to be added directly into our software, saving time

Make the initial stage of your contract lifecycle process quicker and easier for your contract management and legal teams by creating contract templates that work for you. Save time and increase productivity without compromising on contract quality.

Standardised Library of Terms & Clauses

Having a library of standardized terms and clauses can make time-consuming contract creation a thing of the past. It can help identify any contracts that may include particular clauses or provisions, which may help your contract management further in the lifecycle.

  • Improve productivity and efficiency during contract creation with pre-approved clauses
  • Ensure compliance with pre-approved legal terms
  • Streamline the contract approval process

Stay compliant with legal processes with our integrated clause library. Make content creation run smoothly and get contracts ready for approval in far less time using our software.

Symfact Contract Lifecycle Management Software

E-Signature Software

E-signature software is a digital solution to long approval processes. E-signatures have made the process far more convenient, as now signing documents can be done online. Symfact integrates to multiple e-signature solutions and includes support for UETA, ESIGN and the European Community framework for secure identification, eIDAS.

  • Add an important extra layer of security with e-signature technology, digital signatures are harder to forge than wet signatures
  • Improve your eco-credentials by reducing the paper trail involved in contract signing
  • Adapt to changing circumstances without affecting operations and schedules by getting contract modifications signed off quickly
  • Our e-signature software creates a timestamp and audit trail for every contract signature

By having the benefit of quick authentication of any persons involved in the contract management process, from employees to third parties, you can increase the time and efficiency spent on each contract whilst still having an important level of security and protection in place.  

Contract Management Anywhere, Anytime, Any place

Our browser-based platform means you can access contracts no matter where you are the in world, or on what device, as long as you have an internet connection. We also provide support for multiple languages, locales, and currencies. Ideal for businesses with global enterprise. We make your contract management achievable anywhere at any time.

  • With our encrypted data transfer, you don’t have to worry about staying secure on the go, we provide protection and privacy no matter where you are
  • Control your contracts from anywhere with an internet connection, including mobile devices
  • Access your contracts from anywhere with full configuration and security using access control tools, so no changes can be made without permission

Having a browser based management system enables you to monitor any events from wherever you are. This global management helps the contract process run as smoothly as possible. All that is required is an internet connection. 

Symfact Contract Management Software

More Features & Benefits

Maintain and manage complex contracts and control organizational structures without complications using automated workflows. Any elements or processes can then be visualized through interactive dashboards. This gives your business a controlled transparency and a better ability to manage a larger number of complex contracts at any given time.

  • Improve administrative control with a complete overview of workflows
  • Interactive dashboards create effective communication and collaboration with everyone involved
  • Management of workflows allows for scalability and business growth
  • Optimise your contract management performance and value with quicker workflow contract cycles

Thanks to a larger overview of practices and workflows and a better control of finances, our contract management software can often help reduce operating costs. With quicker access to data, audit trails and workflow performance, you can save time and money and improve your contract lifecycle value.

Tracking important information, keeping on top of contract deadlines and deliverables as well as trying to create custom reports and managing workflows can sometimes seem like an impossible task. Our software makes this process far simpler, with our instant and custom reporting features.

  • Analyse specific operational data, workflows, information, and documents with our custom reports tool
  • Gain transparency and visibility through our instant reporting
  • Track information to improve your ROI and maximise your revenue
  • Continually track and monitor the data important to your business
  • Self-reporting features reduces the time spent on conducting reports

Regularly reviewing all the available reporting data can also help your business plan for future agreements by helping to predict any possible future risk and guarantees a quick response to current trends and any issues that arise during the contract lifecycle such as bottlenecks, poor performance and operations and non-deliverables. 

With our trigger notification feature, you will never miss a deadline again. You can use this tool to configure and track important data and milestones in the software, and by setting alarms for specific tasks and events you ensure nothing ever falls under your radar, including contract re-negotiation dates.

  • Set up milestone notifications to keep you connected
  • Ensure deadlines and deliverables are on target
  • Never miss rate changes, approvals, renewals, or expired contracts

By monitoring these processes and analyzing operational data with our CLM software, you are less likely to miss contract renewals, or re-negotiation dates, which can have a negative outcome for your business.

With our automated software, your business can utilize some of the features to get added value out of the data held in your current contracts and optimize the agreements. By analyzing operational data, you can make fact-based, and data driven decisions, improving both performance and ROI.

  • Measure performance with our automated data tracking
  • See how your contracts have changed over time with our complete revision history tool

By implementing our automated contract management system into your current business processes, your business can gain a competitive edge in already crowded markets, whilst improving on your own potential.  

Our software offers businesses improved capabilities for the management and monitoring of risk. As businesses expand and increase their number of contracts, relationships and contracts change and grow, especially in relation to their value, so risks also change. Software from Symfact has features to help with your risk assessments and profiles, as well as minimizing the operational risk of poor contract management.

  • Gain real insights into clients, suppliers, vendors, and agents
  • When launching new business relationships, our software can design, build, and publish intelligent questionnaires to help identify any risks
  • We have links to all leading external databases such as those from Dow Jones, LexisNexis, Dun & Bradstreet and Refinitiv, giving you access to advanced security profiling of both businesses and individuals and a comprehensive background check
  • Identity management features can identify, authenticate, and investigate individuals and companies, helping to detect and prevent fraud and reducing the risk any third-party may pose to your business.

By having our CLM software in place to compile the information you need from data sources that are specific to your business, your business can have a successful contract lifecycle. With a level oversight of contract performance and data only automated software can give you, your business can ensure that processes where operational risk is higher, can be prioritized and fact-based decision making is the driving factor behind any steps taken to mitigate and minimize further risk.  

Symfact Contract Management Software
Symfact Contract Lifecycle Management Software

Features & benefits continued

Mitigating internal and third party risk and adherence to regulations can often be a complex process for businesses, our contract management software is designed to make that process simpler and help protect your business by assessing, monitoring and mitigating risks that can have a detrimental effect on your relationships and business, as well as ensuring compliance with internal policies and outside regulations.

  • Ensure compliance with data regulations by selecting the location of your server and therefore data, depending on your legislative and jurisdictional requirements
  • Due to features being automated, such as document storage, our software uses less human resource, reducing the risk of an accidental data breach
  • Use our configurable access control interface to allow and restrict access as and when you need to
  • The incident capture and reporting suite ensures all incidents are stored and automatically assigned for investigation, whilst our analysis tools can assist with legal protection.

By using our CLM software to continually report on and track every step of a contract, including milestones or changes made, you can hold everyone involved accountable for their actions, reducing long investigations, improving efficiency, and helping to give businesses some protection against non-compliance. 

Keep track of any changes made to your contracts with our Auditing Suite. All data stored in our CLM software has audit trails, including a full lifecycle audit trail of access, edits, and users. Manage any issues quickly and with the least amount of disruption to your business.

  • Every action made in our contract management system is fully tracked in the audit logs, along with a time stamp and the user’s information
  • Control and configure who can access and make changes to any part of the contract management software and data with our access control interface
  • Optimize your contract lifecycle management performance with audit trails on any data

Due to everything being in one location and together on one system, auditing has never been easier. And if you have a large volume of contracts and third-parties with access to their online contracts, it is imperative that you can easily track changes and views. Our automated software can continually audit your contracts and third parties, important for both the success of your business and to reduce any future risk. Regular auditing and reviews of your contracts and vendors can protect your business from poor performance, non-compliance and minimizes risk. 

Our software configuration ability is an essential feature for business contract management. The configuration layers mean that you can configure your contract management framework to match all your processes and risk models, giving you a level of consistency in the overall governance and management of your contracts.

  • Software configured to your own processes and procedures
  • With our configurable access control interface, protect your business by restricting access to sensitive legal data and information
  • Configuration allows for future business growth and scalability

As with all businesses, your management framework needs to adapt to changing circumstances. Our intelligent software offers more control to your business, enabling you to respond more quickly to unexpected challenges and situations.

Thanks to its cross-platform open API architecture, we offer contract lifecycle management software that can integrate with a range of different systems and software. Existing tools and processes that are already being successfully utilized within the company can also be retained and implemented into the new contract management system.

  • Our software can be implemented without having to rebuild IT infrastructure
  • Standardise processes and procedures across your enterprise
  • A drag and drop Interface allows for easy collaboration between systems
  • Our Software integrates into existing ERP systems
  • Easy to set up

Our automated solutions are aligned to modern business processes and work seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure. This enables you to effectively control and adapt contract management software to any current framework you have in place, especially if your business is already managing complex or legal contracts.

We understand that sometimes it can take businesses some time to get used to a different platform and system, that is why we provide a 24hr Support Portal. So no matter what time it is, we will help you achieve a smooth rollout of the software.

  • Access How to guides and resources
  • Use our phone and e-mail support at any time

Our software is easy to implement and easy to use, with clear dashboards and processes, but if an automated system is new to your business, then regular support is vital to the successful implementation of the software. Symfact support has been independently qualified as “World Class”.

Everything you need

If you want automated contract management that matches the ambitions and strategy of your business and can provide a base for business growth and larger extended enterprise, then our CLM software has everything you need.

Contract life cycle management (CLM) and resource planning can be difficult without a good system in place and due to the modern advancement of current technology, there really is no reason not to implement contract management software to improve the efficiency of your business and to keep at the top of your game, and if your business expands, you will already have the management system in place to deal with any expansion of your enterprise. Simplifying the contract process with contract creation, document storage, managing commitments, better resource planning and electronic signatures, really can make a difference to your organization and by implementing our software, you ensure your business is adopting the best advances available that can optimize your business potential and boost your revenue.

Symfact Contract Management Software

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