Powerful and Easy To Use Contract Management Software

Symfact management software streamlines contract creation and management to control operational risk and optimize financial performance

What Is Contract Management Software?

Symfact makes contract management easy with the world’s leading software solution. Quick and easy implementation of a business level software solution. Contract lifecycle management and resource planning can be difficult and lacking control if you don’t have a system in place. The contract management process is used in most business transactions, sales teams and especially at the enterprise level where the correct controls need to be in place.

Easy To Use Contract Templates

  • Editable Contract Templates
    All our templates are fully customizable and editable, allowing you to have access to the full range of your corporate templates.
  • Microsoft Word Extension
    microsoft wordOur Microsoft Word add-in allows you to edit contracts both directly from the system and also from within Word.
  • Easy Drag & Drop Interface
    Drag and drop your documents and related emails from your desktop directly into our software.
  • Permission Based Access Control
    Grant view, edit and administration permission to views, analysis, workflow and reports. You can restrict access on any part of the software and it’s all configurable.

Access Our Software Anywhere

  • Browser Based Platform
    Access our cloud-based management platform anywhere there is an internet connection and browser. With our own mobile apps, you can control and approve your contracts on the move. Available on:
  • Encrypted Data Transfer
    Be safe in the knowledge that all data may be transferred using encrypted communications for uncompromised protection and privacy.
  • Multi-Language, Locale and Currency
    The system can easily be configured in multiple languages, locales, and currencies for worldwide, multi-site installations.
  • Fast & Eco-friendly Process
    Symfact software helps the environment as it removes the need for paper-based contracts and external hardcopy mail. It vastly accelerates the process as it’s all internet based through a standard web browser and uses electronic signature.

Connecting & Reporting

  • Notifications & Event Milestones
    Never miss the end of a contract again with our customizable milestone and event triggers for renewals.
  • Reporting & Analytics
    Our custom reports can be configured to analyze any part of your operational data and documents, giving you full control over your management landscape.
  • Customizable
    Our industry leading is fully customizable, scalable and can be adapted to any number of different business processes.
  • Integration
    Our software uses the latest cross platform XML architecture and can be integrated into most ERP’s, CRM systems and accounting packages. We yet to come across a system yet that we cannot integrate with.

Contract Management Software Made Easy

Our contract management software is one of the most recent solutions that businesses are using to streamline contract processes. With our contract management solution, you can effectively start to manage documents, clients and legal agreements, such as with vendors, leases, and licensing agreements. Our program will help to streamline your administrative tasks, approval process and reduce your overheads. Not only that, it will allow you to get a simplified view in one location. An operating system you can invest in that will improve your business in multiple areas. You can easily follow the process as a document creation or agreement goes through review and approval, and the software can also take care of things like electronic signatures and commitments management. Our Contract Management Life Cycle Software’s main goal is to allow for an accurate understanding of obligations as well as opportunities and risks so that you can stay on top of everything and keep on moving forward. Symfacts solution is easily accessed via any simple internet browser. Below are some of the benefits you can enjoy with our contract management systems:

A More Eco-friendly Workplace

With our contract management software and the options to track agreements, you will eliminate the need for paper contracts. Not only does this improve efficiency and organization in the workplace, it is also better for the environment.


Your workplace should improve in terms of productivity, with optimised contract value and performance. Faster workflow contract cycles are reported, and the software can audit track and report on any data. Your organization will save time and become more efficient as a whole.

Revenue Optimization

The system can improve cost control by reducing operating expenses thanks to better collaboration with partners. You will never miss out on rate changes, approval processes, renewals, or expired contracts. You can easily optimize your performance and ROI with a good management system.


Access control is a must and with our software, you can access contracts from anywhere. There are flexible configuration options and your security permissions can be defined based on an access control list. Because of this, you can ensure that only authorized users can view documents and agreements but can do so whenever and wherever they wish.

Metrics & Tracking

Our software solution provides comprehensive business insights and analysis automated reports. You can only improve that which you can track, which is another reason Symfacts solution is great for improving your ROI. A complete revision history means that you can see how contracts and agreements have evolved over time. Event management and performance monitoring help to maximize revenue in the best possible way.

Relationship Management

This software helps build better business relationships between vendors, clients, suppliers, customers, and your internal team. Better relationships means better deals and longer lasting contracts, as well as a more pleasant working environment and a flexible approach to business management.

Delivery & Rollout

Our contract management software can meet your individual working environment needs with tailored solutions to suit you. Fully customizable so that your company can get the best out of it.

Product Suite

TPR - Third Party Risk Management
OVM - Outsourcing Value Management
POL - Policy Management
CLM - Contract Lifecycle Management
LEM - Legal Entity Management
IPM - Intellectual Property Management
GRC - Custom GRC Management


Contract Lifecycle Management


Third Party Risk Management


Legal Entity Management


Outsourcing Value Management


Intellectual Property Management


Policy Management


Custom GRC Management

What Our Clients Say

"On behalf of our legal director I would like to thank you for your focused, straightforward and targeted approach and your exemplary execution."
International Energy Company

"Thank you on behalf of the whole team for your professional implementation and for the successful integration of your solution within our company."
International Energy Company

"You have implemented the Symfact solution exactly as we specified and without unnecessary complexity (Contract and Legal Entity Management)."
Worldwide Organization

"As the Business Owner and Project Lead, I am very pleased to date with Symfact’s attentive nature with our questions and concerns. We look forward to working through this project with the Symfact Team."
Jason Eisenbeis, NorQuest College Edmonton, Canada

"I would just like to emphasize that Symfact has once again done an excellent job, executed in a precise, structured and responsive way. I’m delighted "
Pharmaceutical Company

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