Intellectual Property Management

Bring together all your company’s ongoing IP Management processes, procedures, and assessments into one centralized software solution

Symfact Intellectual Property Management Software

Coordination of all processes and assessments

Symfact Intellectual Property Management solution manages IP rights such as patents, trade marks, copyright law, designs and domain names on a web based, centralized solution with secured access as required for both internal and external users. Portfolio management and optimal commercialization of IP becomes simple, fast, proactive and affordable.

IP Value Chain

  • Proactive Management
    A well-managed IP portfolio requires controlled transparency, regular overview, due dates control and assessments for timely actions and decisions.
  • Multiple IP Assets
    Manage any combination of patent applications, trademarks, internet domains, designs or IP data.
  • Automated Workflows
    Create dynamic risk and procedural workflows with configurable event triggers and alerts.
  • Centralized Storage
    Bring all your company’s IP Management processes, procedures and associated assessments into one centralized solution reducing your company’s exposure to any adverse influences or third party intellectual property protection.
Symfact Intellectual Property Management Software
Symfact Intellectual Property Management Software

Dealing With Compliance

  • Laws & Regulations
    Keep up-to-date with all of your industry’s relevant laws and regulations storing them in the system and making then accessible to the complete organization.
  • Incident Capture & Reporting
    Ensure all your non-compliant incidents are captured and centrally stored, where they are then automatically assigned for investigation.
  • Accelerate Decision Making
    Non-compliant incidents are managed quickly with automated event triggers to speed up vital decision making.
  • Management Oversight
    Gain clear oversight of all IP Strategy and Management issues through automated dashboards leading to better cost and value control and decision making.

Accessing & Reporting

  • Reports & Analysis
    Use our suite of automated reporting and analysis tools for in-depth insights to help with legal protection.
  • Access Anywhere
    Our intellectual property management software can be accessed globally through a browser making it an ideal solution for international multi-location organizations.
  • Integration
    We can integrate with most software including all the major ERP, CRM and accounting packages.
  • Customization
    Symfact’s unique solution has been designed with flexibility in mind and can configured it to match your exact business processes.
Symfact Intellectual Property Management Software

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