Outsourcing Value Management Software

Symfact Outsourcing Value Management ensures optimal efficiency and maximum value for both parties in any outsourcing partnership

Symfact Outsourcing Value Management Software


Outsourcing contracts can take months or years to define and negotiate, leaving both parties with hundreds of pages of Master Services Agreements, Local Service Agreements, Exhibits and Schedules. The goal is to define the expectations and the operations model for everyone involved of the outsourcing agreement.


  • Clause and Obligation Level Control
    Each obligation can be managed as a separate work-unit. It is important to define each obligation with enough detail and documentary support to ensure visibility for both parties in the agreement.
  • Document hierarchy support
    Precise relationships maintained between Master Service Agreements, Local Service Agreements, Schedules and Exhibits.
  • Microsoft Word Extension
    microsoft wordOur own proprietary Microsoft Word extension allows you to edit text documents both directly from the system and from Microsoft Word.
  • No more uncontrollable Excel spreadsheets
    Shared document sites and spreadsheets require significant manual effort to maintain and quickly fail to provide the level of accuracy and granularity needed to insure compliance with the agreement – for both parties involved. The consequences can be significant due to lost revenues, increased costs or penalties for non-compliance.
  • Permission Based Access Control
    Grant view, edit and administration permission to contracts, views, analysis, workflow and reports. You can restrict access on any part of the software and it’s all configurable.
Symfact Outsourcing Value Management Software
Symfact Outsourcing Value Management Software

Access Our Software Anywhere

  • Browser Based Platform
    Access our Outsourcing Value Management software anywhere there’s an internet connection and browser. With our own mobile apps you can control and approve your contracts on the move. Available on:
  • Control hundreds of obligations
    The reality is that many obligations are buried within hundreds of pages of documents, and all of them must be met for the life of the agreement. The obligations can have different frequencies of commitment (e.g. one time, periodic, as requested), can have different formats (e.g. deliverable, report, audit), can have different locations of performance, can be assigned to different people based on the obligation and can require substantiation that the obligations are met.
  • Multi-Language, Locale and Currency
    The system can easily be configured in multiple languages, locales and currencies for worldwide, multi-site installations.
  • Fast & Eco-friendly Process
    Our software helps the environment as it removes the need for paper based contracts and external hardcopy mail. It vastly accelerates the process as it’s all cloud based through a standard web browser.

Connecting & Reporting

  • Notifications & Event Milestones
    Never miss the end of a contract again with our customizable milestone and event triggers for contract renewals.
  • Reporting & Analytics
    Our custom reports can be configured to analyze any part of your operational data and documents, giving you full control over your outsourcing landscape.
  • Customizable
    Our industry leading software is fully customizable, scalable and can be adapted to any number of different business processes.
  • Integration
    Our software uses the latest cross platform XML architecture and can be integrated into most ERP’s, CRM’s and accounting packages. We yet to come across a system yet that we cannot integrate with.
Symfact Outsourcing Value Management Software

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