Third Party Risk Management Software

Risk mitigation, planning and compliance guarantee using our automated and intelligent third party risk management software

How Our Risk Management Solutions Can Help You

Mitigate third party risk management and address compliance requirements using our automated risk management solution. Tasks such as on-boarding a new customer, audit management, supplier, vendor risk management, distributor, agent or consultant can be a complex and a time-consuming process – our software solution makes it easy and helps reduce risk with industry standards based rules and automation.

A compliance officer’s job is hard enough, our platform is designed to make their life easier and protect your business with fact-based decision making and process control. Read about Preparing for Third Party Risk Management

Work Smarter Not Harder

  • Intelligent Questionnaires
    Design, build and publish intelligent questionnaires for identifying the risks when launching new business relationships.
  • Bespoke Configuration Layer
    We can configure our risk management framework to perfectly match your processes and risk models, increasing consistency and accuracy.
  • Central Repository
    Store all third party risk management data and documentation (emails, policies, internal audits, health and safety documents, etc.) in one central location that’s easily searched and accessed to help with business continuity.
  • Enterprise-wide Transparency
    Centralized secure administration of Third Party profiles enable easy and transparent access across the enterprise.
Symfact Third Party Management Software
Symfact Third Party Risk Management Software

Mitigate Third Party Risk

  • Advanced security profiling & background checking
    We connect to all leading external databases such as those from Dow Jones, Thomson Reuters, LexisNexis, Dun & Bradstreet etc. for accurate and comprehensive profiling of businesses and individuals.
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention
    Incident management to help your ability to detect and prevent fraud, contain costs and protect revenue with relevant information about people, businesses and assets.
  • Identity Management
    Run your business securely and profitably by better understanding your customers, employees and vendors.
  • Investigation
    Make informed decisions by identifying, authenticating, investigating and monitoring individuals and companies.

    • Corruption
    • Tax Compliance
    • Cybercrime
    • Politically Exposed Persons
    • Ultimate Beneficial Owners
    • Know Your Customers (KYC)
    • Money Laundering
    • Common Reporting Standard
    • Fraud
    • Terrorism Financing
    • Sanctions
    • AKA / Aliases
    • Child Labour & Slavery

Better & Quicker Decisions

  • Increase Speed of Decision Making
    Access the system anywhere on any web browser and view the latest information concerning your external relationships.
  • Increase Accuracy of Third Party Due Diligence
    Enforce standards, processes and business rules with the workflow engine to ensure governance and compliance.
  • Auditing & Reporting
    Every user action (additions, deletions, edits, views and downloads) performed with the system is fully tracked in the system’s audit logs with the user’s information together with a time stamp. This provides a full audit trail throughout the lifetime of any Third Party Relationship.
  • Customizable
    One of the cornerstones of our software is its ability to tailor the fields, screens, and processes to exactly match the needs of your organization.
Symfact Third Party Risk Management Software

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