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Store and manage all your policies and procedures in one centralized software solution

Simple & Effective Policy Management

Policy procedures have grown exponentially with the recent proliferation of documents, collaboration software, file shares and web sites. Organizations may have them scattered across dozens of disparate sites and departments with no definitive understanding of what policies exist and how they are enforced.

The Symfact Policy Management software provides a consistent process for management of corporate policies, exceptions and regulations. The solution can be installed onsite or pure cloud-based and offers a centralized platform for creating policies, standards and control procedures. It allows you to communicate policies across your enterprise, track acceptance, assess comprehension and manage exceptions.

Policy Creation & Management

  • Policy Creation
    Create all your policies, procedures and regulations within our easy to use software.
  • Distribution & Visibility
    Centralize your documents and make them available online enabling quick uptake and compliance.
  • Acceptance
    Automate and enforce policy, procedure and regulation acceptance through our control interface. Know for sure who’s not adhering to company policy.
  • Exceptions
    Manage user and policy exceptions with complete company-wide oversight.


  • Central Repository
    Streamline your policy procedures by storing them in one easily accessible storage solution.
  • Access Anywhere
    Our web based Policy Management software is accessible 24 hours/day worldwide.
  • Reporting & Analysis
    Receive great insight into your Policy Management with our comprehensive reporting tools and dashboards.
  • Notifications & Event Triggers
    Never miss the end of a policy or a renewal date with our configurable event triggers and notifications.

Integration & Customization

  • Integration
    We can integrate seamlessly into all major ERP and CRM systems linking policies to customers and suppliers.
  • Customization
    Our unique software means we can configure the system to match your exact requirements.
  • Easy Set-up
    We will ensure a smooth rollout of the software across your organization – we want you to get the most out of our software and really see an optimal return on investment.
  • Support Portal
    Our support portal is available 24 hours day, with a wealth of information and “how to” guides. We also provide over the phone and email support to maximize your up time.

Product Suite

TPR - Third Party Risk Management
OVM - Outsourcing Value Management
POL - Policy Management
CLM - Contract Lifecycle Management
LEM - Legal Entity Management
IPM - Intellectual Property Management
GRC - Custom GRC Management


Contract Lifecycle Management


Third Party Risk Management


Legal Entity Management


Outsourcing Value Management


Intellectual Property Management


Policy Management


Custom GRC Management

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